Chevy Volt is a good car

I’ve been so in love with my car ever since I bought it that I’ve repeatedly thought of writing a blogpost just to sing its praises. Now that I’m offering it for sale (here’s why), I have a perfect praise-singing excuse.

In short, I have no idea why everyone isn’t falling all over themselves to buy a Chevy Volt. It’s an electric car that lets you take road trips. 

Here’s the key thing to know: the Chevy Volt is NOT a hybrid car in the normal sense of the word. It’s got both an electric motor with a limited range1 and a regular gas engine. But the magic trick is this: from the moment you unplug the car and drive off, the Volt is a pure electric car until the battery runs out. At that point you feel the gas engine gently kick in, and the car behaves like a Prius-style hybrid; I typically get 35-40mpg when on my various road trips.

The upshot is that, given typical commutes (remember those?) and errands around town, I can sometimes go weeks without using a drop of gas. The display in the car reads “250+ mpg” and I whistle past every gas station I see. Even though it’s the most I’ve ever spent on a car, it’s also saved me a ton of gas money. There have been several months where my only car-related expense was a trip through the car wash. 

But again, you can hit the road and not worry about finding a plug anywhere. My car’s lifetime mileage is about 80 mpg, but if you’re not a frequent road-tripper then you can surely improve upon that. (Bonus: lots of places have primo parking for their electric charging stations, and charging is cheap.)

A few other nice things to know: the car is a hatchback and has carried home 2x4s without complaint many times. It’s the Premier-level model, so it’s got all the heated-leather-seat types of goodies—see below.

It’s just a fantastic car. It’s yours for $14,000. I’ll be so sad to part with it.

Some more details:

2016 Chevy Volt Premier in “light ash” with black leather interior. About 64,000 miles (although, for reasons above, the miles on the gas engine are a fraction of that). Condition is generally excellent, and it’s under powertrain warranty until 100,000 miles.

Basically every option is included: heated leather seats + steering wheel, backup camera, warnings for collision + blind spot + lane-keeping, a fancy robotic parallel-parking feature, CarPlay + Android Auto, etc. etc. Sunroof wasn’t an option. ?

  1. Anywhere between 30-40 miles; I was surprised to learn that the range changes substantially based on the weather, and it’s at its best when it’s hot outside.

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