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So you wanna build it yourself.

First let me say how impressed I am that people are still visiting this site after just about 10 months online. ...Has it only been that long? I feel like I've been procrastinating the instruction project almost as much as I procrastinated the model itself. But I finally finished that, and I've finally finished this: MLCAD models and step-by-step instructions for how to build a Legoprise all by yourself.

So how do I get them?

At the risk of taking down my Web site all over again, the 4 1/2 MB file is NOT available for download here. There are two ways to obtain the JPEG instructions for building the ship, the warp nacelles, and the stand.

First, make a $5.00 donation to me via PayPal. The address to use is paypal@happywaffle.com. When you make your donation, let me know where to send the compressed file. If you reeeeeeally want, you can donate $10 and I'll send the file via on a CD via old-fashioned mail. Just gimme an address.

Second, if you don't think a donation is fair, or if you just want a quick peek, just e-mail me and I'll send the instructions to you.

Wha? Did you just say payment is OPTIONAL?

Yes. I'm crazy. Actually I'm curious to see how willing people are to pay for someone else's hard work. I'm making payment optional because I understand some of y'all just want to take a peek at the instructions and move on. But if you appreciate all of my effort and want to show support, or if you actually plan on attempting to construct the model, then I personally think $5 is a perfectly reasonable price.

What if I'd like the MLCAD models?

The instructions are free if you want them; the MLCAD models are not. You must pay $5 to receive a file containing both JPEGs and MLCAD files. This may seem arbitrary, but seeing as the models are a virtual copy of my actual baby, I'm just being a little protective of my intellectual property.

So, is there like a money-back guarantee?

Err, not exactly. These instructions and models are far from perfect, I'll be the first to admit; but I'm available for any and all feedback and tech support if needed. I'm not in this for the money. Trust me on that.

The pseudo-legal stuff

These instructions and MLCAD models are copyright 2003 by Kevin Miller. You may not distribute the instructions to anyone else, or make any money off of them. I must be appropriately credited in any personal or public use of these images or models.